Historical record
Two seasons at Château Haut-Brion

Violence and Contempt : Historical record

by Alain DONNART

"Ignorance, neglect or contempt of Human Rights
are the only causes of public misfortunes"

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25th September Letter to the Vineyard Manager.
13th October The Director answers : he announces an inquiry.
14th October Letter to the Director.
3rd November The Director repeats that he will let me know the inquiry's results.
15th November He announces that he will send a Questionnaire to the grape pickers.
28th November My answer to this Questionnaire.

1st February I request its results from the Director.
3rd February The Director asks for documentary evidences of damage.
7th February I put in a claim for the recognition of the infringements of dignity.
17th February The Director refuses and shifts the dialog onto his lawyers.
31st July I ask the Vineyard Manager to explain his position.
9th August The answer comes from Mr DELMAS who unloads the task onto his lawyers.
9th November I put in a claim for damages.

10th January The lawyer's answer : no recognition of violence and demand of the documentary evidences of damage.
26th January My comments : "If he doesn't repent here, he is heading for disaster" (Dom Juan,V,5)
7th February Letter to the CEO of the DILLON Co, Mrs Joan Dillon, Duchesse de Mouchy.
30th July Letter to the Prince Robert of Luxembourg,
Vice President & Managing Director (still left unanswered).
1st October The answer from the Chairman, Duchesse de Mouchy, to my letter of February.
19th October My last answer before court action to put an end to 25 months of dilatory manoeuvres.
25th October I lodge a complaint claiming damages for civil injury (draft).

27 May Nonsuit ruling.

20 January Appeal against the nonsuit ruling.
6 April Judgement of the Court of Appeal : additional legal proceedings.
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