<= NEW RELEASE : 22th July, 2002 !
Now, the button + - adds 216 colors

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 Compatible Color Table

 (the 140 colors supported by the main browsers)
On the Web, pages are in "HTML" format. The colours of objects (foreground and background) are stated in hexadecimal format with the Red, Green and Blue values from 0 to 255. This simple utility allows you to modify colours easily.

Some computers, because of their video device and/or of the actual display mode (right-click on the Desktop/Display/Parameters), cannot display more than 256 colours, and in fact show only 216 because Windows uses some of them.
It is recommended to stick to these colours, that is why the default scrolling is set to 51, which means 6 values (in hexa.: 00,33,66,99,CC,FF) for every component (6 ^ 3 = 216).
You can use also the value 64 (40 in hexa), the value 128 (80 in hexa), or half of 256, as well as the value 192 (C0 in hexa): so, silver is worth #C0C0C0 and gray #808080. You will find these last 3 values (64,128,192) in the 28 PAINT's basic colours.
For different values, see the compatible Colors Table.

In order to download the program (RVB_html.exe 53k), just click on the icon => Yes, here !.
Put this executable in any directory, and create a shortcut to the program (go to C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs, then right-click > New > Shortcut).
This program is written in Visual Basic and, in order to work, it needs the library of functions Vbrun300.dll (put or to put in Windows\System or \System32). If you don't have this file, you will find it in the following program (Zip codes).
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