IMAWIN Graphic Browser

Sunflower is the name of the flower.... opens C:\Windows simple click > opens directory runs Paint(Brush) &  loads picture opens starting directory righ click  > next image left click  > 100%, right click > next image ... the nickname of the girl

Ideal to choose & copy standard Windows pictures (bmp, rle, wmf, ico)
Or to change easily the zoom factor (full screen, 200%, 50%). Try the auto mode.

Version : Encoding text in images.
For more, have a look to the page "Aim and Example"

To download the self-extracting archive (315k), just click here=> ¡ Yes, here !
Put the executable Imawin.exe in a directory with standard Windows pictures.
Put the files Vbrun300.dll and Cmdialog.dll in Windows\System...... and ENJOY !

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