French ZIP CODES Program - Version 4.3

Enjoy this FREE graphic App ,
useful and pedagogical.

Friendly at home
at office and at school.

Interactive Map
A flashing circle surrounds the Departmental prefecture matching the selected city.
Conversely, if you click on a prefecture (red dot), this town is automatically selected in both lists.

A double click within the text area will start a search for codes or cities in the full list (39000 codes) on disk, the results are shown in a dialog box (cf. supra) AND a copy is left in the Clipboard. Via the Menu, you can see its contents in the NotePad.

The map size can be magnified (Zoom*2) ; use left button to move the picture.

IMPROVEMENTS since the version 3.55 :
* Update of zip codes (since 1997, there were quite a lot of changes, mainly suppressions of P.O.)
* Addition of the INSEE codes
* Improved search (4.2 => error - after unsuccessful search - repaired)
* The Initial Departement can be changed within the program.

Acknowledgements : to Jerôme Galichon ( who offers really precious lists
and to Steve Martin for the codes of the Moselle department (57).

Click here to download the self-extracting archive (7 files) => LITCODP3.EXE (1240k) US VERSION : 4.3 (17-02-2003).
If you have the 4.2 version, you just need to download the program => LitCodPu.exe (112k)
If you still don't have Vbrun300.dll => Vbrun300.exe (262k) > put the dll in Windows\System (or \System32).
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