KEYBOARD version 3.25
FREE SOFTWARE for the children (even old ones)

You can begin  where you want  in the text with the horizontal scroll bar. If you begin with the automatic mode with the AUTO menu, you can adjust the scrolling speed of the text with another scroll bar. The  BEGIN menu places the input position at the beginning of text.

In the case, as here, where there are at least 2 consecutive Capital letters, you are prompted to change to Capital letters with the CAPS LOCK key.
To pass in lower-case letters, you should use this same key, or   SHIFT , according to the configuration of your keyboard. (with Windows XP, you can modify the key used to unlock the Capital letters through the Control Panel / regional options / Languages Tab / Details / Parameters).
In case of a typing error, you will be asked to erase - as you do in the real world - the incorrect character with the  BackSpace key (marked sometimes  BS  , or by a left arrow).
The display time of the dialog boxes is not taken into account.

LANGUAGES : The US flag corresponds to the international English keyboard, and the maple leaf (logo of the 'Fair vote Movement' : corresponds to the Canadian multilingual standard. For Spanish, the input language is the international alphabet.

  Text Menu => The figure which follows " Alt + " indicates the Ascii code of the character to be typed when the text loaded by the submenu "Text on disc" contains characters which are not displayed on the keyboard (the control characters are already transformed into spaces). In such a case, pay attention to the fact that the resulting character belongs to the Windows system language (specified in the regional Options of the Control panel). To obtain the characters matching the current text language, it is necessary to enter " 0" (zero) before the number displayed and keep the "Alt" key down. So, in my configuration, Alt+156>£ and Alt+0156>œ, whereas Alt+163>ú and Alt+0163>£. You can use the language bar in order to change quickly the input language and the associated keyboard(s) (to install them, go to the Control panel : with XP, choose 'regional and linguistic Options' and check 'show the language bar' ; with 98, choose 'Keyboard' and check 'activate the taskbar indicator'). You can also use the 'Characters Map'  ( Help Menu).
In all languages, the characters obtained with the   Alt Gr. key (whose wording is then underlined and displayed in Capital letters) are not shown on the keys but are nevertheless recognized at the position corresponding to the current keyboard.

  Smile Menu=> proposes stylistic figures (acrostic, anagram, palindrome, syllogism), funny definitions (money, crossword fans, the moon) and some witticisms (charades, riddles, express-stories).

Exercises Menu=> It is strongly recommended to experiment at least the 'guide keys'.

Input (idem for the ' Auto Mode') ends by pressing the Esc  key.
By clicking the  Esc > END, (or  Auto ) menu, your result is displayed (in automatic mode, the result is automatic and gives you a good idea of the speed of your machine), and copied in the clipboard ; it appears that way :

Input Speed and accuracy
9/10/2002 at 14:57 h
Input Time : 6mn 35 sec.
Total keys 1082
Average : 2.7 characters by second.
or :
161 '' " by minute.
Speed: More than Perfect
Good : 1065
Errors : 17
Percent of Good : 99%
Accuracy : Very very well

Drink Bordeaux wine !

Here is the appropriate text ( 1002 characters) initially proposed for the exercise:
THE SILICON MILL : Tiny particles of a common material, skilfully drawn in tiny doors, release or block the Zero or the One, which are frozen alive in dead ROM.
Sense and nonsense take binary shape. Electric deltae irrigate the closed field where the number is born thing and the letter material, where reason circulates in invisible streams...
This logic torrent flows out by itself, attracted downstream , but returning upstream, blindly following the orders I scatter : faced with my good will, the gates will open !
The silicon mill, with mad speed, translates, counts and holds, eludes or repeats to serve up our soft machines brilliant layouts on its glass pediment.
Stolen from the Olympe by strange human beings, knowledge is included in this magnificent rock.
Should we regret these sovereign powers which seem to give us the nature of gods ?
In the eternal sand let us draw our way ; let us know how to use the sublime crutch, bend our destiny, reverse our fate, still asleep in the ultimate dust !

Drink Bordeaux wine !

To download the self-extracting archive (Clavieru3.exe 75ko => Clavieru.exe 105ko), click on the icon => Yes, here !.
Put the program in any directory, and create a shortcut towards this program (go to C:\Windows\Start menu\Programs, then right click > New > Shortcut).

This program is written in Visual Basic and, in order to run, it needs the library of functions 'Vbrun300.dll' (put or to put in Windows\System or \System32). If you don't have this file, you can find it in the following program (Zip codes).
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